Jacqueline Grant
Telephone or Text: 07768 691706

Chartered Physiotherapist & Veterinary Physiotherapist



Jackie has been treating both me and my horses for the past ten years. Her no-nonsense, straightforward approach and advice is invaluable to me both as a patient, and as an owner of horses whose welfare means the world to me.

She takes the time to get to know the horses, and as a accomplished rider herself, is often able to identify where the rider's imbalances may also impact the horse, and vice versa. She has a gentle calm approach around the horses, my previously head shy and nervous horse is putty in her hands, and I firmly believe he enjoys his treatments now!

I've worked with Jackie for many years and with different horses. She has been particularly key in me being able to sustain and work my extremely damaged ex-grand prix horse with very collapsed fetlocks. In the equine world, where so many people seem to have an ‘expertise’ in something for your horse, Jackie is literally one of a tiny number people I trust to treat my horses. The fact that I also know that the treatment and advice she administers to me personally is extremely effective only helps to confirm the faith I have in her.

Frances, Flibby and Funny

From the age of nine to the age of fifty, I suffered from severe migraines three times a month. I lost many school and work days, and was light-shy and vomiting at each episode.

Jackie suggested that some of my migraines were related to poor neck posture and poor movement, but I was very sceptical.

Out of desperation, I started having treatment and doing regular set exercises.

This Christmas Day, 2016, I will be three years migraine-free. I have a treatment every six weeks as I have a very heavy manual job, but it's worth every penny and I wish I'd met Jackie years ago!


Jackie's attitude towards her profession and her clients (both animal and human) as well as her meticulous care has benefitted my horse and myself hugely.

She has helped us treat numerous physiological problems since we bought him, thus heavily contributing to us progressing. From BE 90 to BE Novice in our first season eventing as a partnership. We would not be where we are today without her invaluable expertise and advice and I am forever grateful to her.

Her explanations about the treatments and the exercises she gives are thorough and easy to understand. I thoroughly recommend her for all the above reasons as well as because she's absolutely lovely as a person too!

W & I

Miss Grant is a very reliable, careful, considerate and effective physiotherapist. She has been caring for my wife as her physiotherapist for more than three years. During that time she was able to transform my wife's life by enabling her to overcome serious physical problems caused in particular by Parkinson's Disease and Spinal Stenosis. As a result my wife, who was confined to bed when Miss Grant began her treatment, was gradually able to become increasingly mobile until she was able, in March 2020, to climb a flight of 15 steps without assistance. My wife's astonishing progress is recorded in letters from her neurologist to her GP.

Ian Devaux