Jacqueline Grant
Telephone or Text: 07768 691706

Chartered Physiotherapist & Veterinary Physiotherapist


My Qualifications



These letters stand for Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. Membership gives a trained physiotherapist up to date professional information and insures them. Membership is compulsory if you are a working physiotherapist. Trained at Kings College Hospital, London.

My registration number is 037140.



These letters stand for Health Professions Council. Registration with the council is compulsory if you are working as a Physiotherapist. This is a regulatory body. My registration number is PH24975.



I am a Category A member of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy. Membership of this association is compulsory if you are working as a physiotherapist treating animals of any kind. Membership of this Professional body gives the physiotherapist up to date information and insurance.

My registration number is 12375.



This used to be called the Organisation of Physiotherapists in Private Practice, or the OCPPP. It is a professional association which gives access to courses, conferences and up to date research, legal advice and insurance.

My Physiofirst number is 3075.


British Horse SocietyBHSAI

These letters stand for British Horse Society Assistant Instructor This qualification ensures a riding ability and stable management proficiency to a minimum basic level as well as the Preliminary Teaching grade.