Jacqueline Grant
Telephone or Text: 07768 691706

Chartered Physiotherapist & Veterinary Physiotherapist


Services and Prices

A comprehensive range of physiotherapy treatment modalities are available, including manual therapy and electrotherapy.

Your vet has to authorise my visit. Most veterinary surgeons are happy to do this over the phone, but in some cases particularly where an animal has had surgery or extensive veterinary treatment, then a referral letter is advisable to ensure I have the complete medical information pertaining to the animal.

Liaison with your vet is always free.


A treatment session includes:


Currently 50 per session. (July 2013)

The session cost is the same no matter how long it takes!

There is a travel charge of 40 pence per mile.

Invoices are provided and payment taken on the day. Most insurance companies will pay for the treatment if under veterinary direction.