Jacqueline Grant
Telephone or Text: 07768 691706

Chartered Physiotherapist & Veterinary Physiotherapist


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you treat horses of all levels?

Yes!! Happy hackers or Grand Prix dressage divas, HOYS or FEI or Pony Club or Riding Club or Endurance or Eventers or Carriage Driving Horses or Showing horses and ponies or Hunters or rescued horses or ……

What are your fees?

Currently £50 per session. (July 2013) The session cost is the same no matter how long it takes! There is a travel charge of 40 pence per mile.

How long does it take to treat the horse?

The first session lasts approximately an hour and a half or a little longer. Follow up sessions can be a bit shorter but usually at least an hour.

Do you treat other animals?

Yes. Dogs, cats, rabbits, goats and humans.....and one duck.

Do I have to involve my Vet?

Your Veterinary Surgeon must always authorise the visit of a Veterinary Physiotherapist. Often the Vet will refer your animal directly, but if you decide you would like a physiotherapist to assess your horse or pet, then you must first obtain your Vet’s approval. My local Veterinary Practices know me and will usually authorise my visit over the telephone.

Do you do Acupuncture?

No. I believe that only Veterinary surgeons are currently allowed to do invasive treatment of any type with needles. I believe this legislation is under review but I am not an Acupuncturist.

What area do you cover?

Map of East Anglia


My usual area is approximately within a 30 mile radius from Colchester, which is roughly as far as Bury St. Edmunds. I do travel further by arrangement but the travel costs can be rather high. I occasionally go to France to treat a horse or two!










Do you still teach riding?

Yes. It is very rare that I give a riding lesson now as I am too busy with my patients. However I am constantly teaching positional alignment and correcting rider asymmetry in my work treating riders.

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